Spell Checker is a language tool based on a vast vocabulary database that has long been built and is not only a summary of words but a complex technology, which involved overall analysis of the languages.

Essential in any software solution where there’s need for correct natural language usage and the solution is also an invaluable part of OCR, DTP, editorial and other specialized systems. The Spell Checker has an efficient algorithm compression and offers easy implementation into any kind of system.


Word verification – the words are verified for mistakes against a vast database. This functionality also shows incorrect use of capitalization (Prague, London), use of capital letters in shortcuts (USA, IBM) and punctuation mistakes when abbreviations are used (etc.)
Correct word offer - using a single click, the user is offered an alternative to the mistyped word
Additional vocabulary implementation – the customer can widen the Spell Checker’s database with their own collected vocabulary, to fully cover the specialized vocabulary used in their company
Custom setup – e.g. no correction of acronyms, one-letter words, words with numbers included etc.

The solution is available for majority of European languages and deals great with all kinds of linguistic obstacles such as:


The Spell Checker can be implemented in any of the following platforms:


Reference customers:

LINGEA Spell Checker is a tool that is used widely as a part of Microsoft Office software and many other customers have included the Spell Checker into their software like Adobe, Corel and Software602.