Are you looking for improved and effective way to speed up the communication in your local language as well as in foreign languages? Our language tools and technologies will help you provide a better response to your clients' requests while optimizing the related costs.

Machine Translation

High quality translation based on artificial intelligence and neural networks; can be adapted to a specific domain and integrated directly into web applications, information systems and DMS. more

Full Text search

A set of useful tools such as the language detector, stemmer, morphological analyser or thesaurus; the user can easily search for the requested information written in any language and any word forms. more

Proofing Tools

Spellchecker, Hyphenator, Thesaurus, Find All Word Forms and other modules well known from applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. more

Speech Synthesis

Quality speech synthesis can sound like natural speech (even including emotional colouring and intonation); users can streamline their technical support and make their applications more attractive. more

Pronunciation Dictionaries

Fundamental data for both ASR and TTS technologies. more

  • Effective cross-culture communication
  • Significant cost reduction
  • High quality and continuously updated data