Do you need to ensure the security of your clients' sensitive data? Our language tools and technologies will not only help you with that, but they can also enable you to improve and speed up your communication. We believe that software quality and data handling are a prerequisite for the successful operation of every financial institution and the satisfaction of its clients.

Offline Machine Translation

High quality translation, MT engines can be deployed on site (at the customer’s place) for increased data safety and can be integrated into the information system. more

Online Dictionaries

High-quality dictionaries in many language combinations; improve your cross-culture communication; available as an online/offline solution. more

Multilingual Customer Support

Efficient partially automated technical support; increase your productivity without hiring new staff. more

Proofing Tools

Spellchecker, Hyphenator, Thesaurus, Find All Word Forms and other modules well known from applications like as Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. more

  • Sensitive data protection
  • Customized domain adaptation
  • Reduced manual work