Lingea is an IT company which has been developing language tools and collecting linguistic data for over 20 years. We have expertise in terms of data processing and application development. Our technologies combine our own language data, know-how and software to work with one of the world's most complicated systems, the human language. Language is something you encounter every day in both written and spoken form. Our technologies will help you get a grasp on languages, translate, search and use them more efficiently.

The technologies we have developed are being used all over the world as part of various systems or software. We are a proud partner of HarperCollins Publishers, Pearson Education, Oxford University Press, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Siemens, Sony, etc.

Our language publications are currently being sold via our subsidiaries in 7 countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia and we can proudly say that we are the biggest language book publisher in the Czech Republic.