These days, customer support forms an inseparable part of the day-to-day operation of virtually every company. In multinational companies, moreover, there is an added need to provide these services in multiple different languages which further increases not only the cost of running technical support lines but also of staff training and monitoring.

Lingea can offer several fundamental components which make technical support more efficient while reducing the related costs and they can prospectively lead to full automation of some processes:

Full Text Search

For fast search of information in knowledge databases.

Speech Recognition

Developed in cooperation with our partners.

Machine Translation

High quality translation of information and data into other languages.

Speech Synthesis

To be deployed on technical support telephone lines.

For e-mail queries, we offer customized solutions covering search for suitable answers in a database including possible translation into the target language. For telephone queries, we can provide analysis of the queries, search for and automatic reading of the corresponding answer using TTS technology.

  • Comprehensive solutions covering multiple aspects of the issue in hand
  • Processing of all channels: telephone, e-mail and online chat
  • Support for multiple languages including high quality automated translation