Lingea is a specialist in creating high-quality dictionaries in many language combinations. Our dictionaries are also suitable for learning and teaching languages as well as extending vocabulary or helping the user to distinguish different meanings of a word. It’s because they contain not only the essential translations but also additional useful information such as explanations, context notes, valencies of verbs etc. The entries are clearly divided by their meanings arranged according to their frequency of use. We offer quality dictionaries not only for major world languages but also for a whole range of minor languages, especially European ones. All of the above distinguishes our dictionaries from other dictionary websites and portals.

You can try Lingea dictionaries yourself. Get hands-on experience at: Available free of charge, there are our mostly small and medium-sized dictionaries for multiple language combinations. For many languages, however, we also offer dictionaries up to twice as large. Accompanying our basic dictionaries, there are also the following additional features:

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We offer more than dictionaries for all major languages.