Do you need to prepare dictionaries, phrase books or other language books in a pre-defined extent? Does your partner or distributor seek a language title for a combination of languages you currently don't have? Then Lingea with it's flexibility is the right supplier for you!

Main Advantages:
  • Flexibility and speed
  • Dictionaries and Phrase Books for more than 30 languages
  • Output supplied in pdf, xml, html, json etc.

Our linguists are able to prepare customized language titles ranging from pocket dictionaries to medium-sized ones featuring examples meant for students or focusing on phrases and collocations for advanced users. Phonetic transcriptions can be provided for each headword but also for each example or even translation depending on a given language and customer requirements. For phrase books you can choose the amount and even complexity of phrases and vocabulary to be included. To a certain extent, you can also choose the scope and arrangement of topics depending on whether the book is to be meant for travel, study or for example elderly users etc.