Do you need to improve and speed up your work with multilingual text and its further processing? Try our language tools and technologies.

Proofing Tools for Editorial Systems

Spellchecker, Hyphenator, Thesaurus, Find All Word Forms and other modules well known from editors and text processors (Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign etc.). more

Machine Translation with Online Dictionaries

Combining instant translation of sentences and verification of terms in the dictionary; can be adapted to a specific domain and integrated directly into web applications, information systems and DMS. more

Full Text Search

A set of useful tools such as language detector, stemmer, morphological analyzer or thesaurus; The user can easily search for the requested information in any language and regardless of word forms - no matter in which language it is written. more

Speech synthesis

A new type of audio output that will appeal to your customers and improve their technical support impression; sounding virtually like natural human speech it can be used for text conversion for the blind, for video commentaries etc. more

  • Improve text quality
  • Speed-up work thanks to MT using
  • Significant cost reduction