Lingea is able to prepare attractive electronic versions of any data you wish to publish. Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, reference books, catalogues, textbooks and other publications you wish to present to your customers in electronic form.

Lingea has a proven track record of on-time and on-budget deliveries and offers a single-supplier solution to publishers when deciding to publish on electronic platforms.

We develop applications for all major platforms:
  • Online
  • Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Apple iOS, Android

The graphical side of the application can be supplied by you but you can also rely on LINGEA’s own graphic designers to prepare it according to your idea.

Where applications are sold via online stores, we are able to take care of all matters connected to selling the applications to such stores: set up the accounts, upload the applications, apply your pricing policy and hand log-in details over to you.

The applications can include:
  • Hyperlinks to websites, forums, Wikipedia etc.
  • Connectivity to social networks
  • Interactive videos, pictures and animations
  • Attractive graphical user interface
  • Lingea search technologies or audio data
  • Text-to-speech technology

Our development skills have been used by major publishers such as: Oxford University Press, HarperCollins Publishers, Pearson Education (Longman), Cangage, Robert, Unieboek Het Spectrum and many others.

Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of English

Our data thoroughly covers major languages and their combinations. We are the best and most reliable source in terms of linguistic information.

Le Robert Collins anglais avancé

Different types of information can be displayed for specific purposes; lists, tabs and scrolling can be added accordingly to present the data.

Lakota Dictionary

Our data also cover exotic languages and dialects. We have been working for a long time striving to cover all the existing languages.

Longman writing coach

Interactive elements and menus can be added to improve user's experience, pictures, audiovisual aids, etc. Use your imagination in creating the content.

Longman Polish-English Dictionary

Language combinations can be customized according to subject, extent of the information, usage, relevance, importance, etc.

Mondadori Spanish-English Dictionary

We also cover topics related to specific vocabulary items and phrases. The data can be customized depending on the type of publication.

Oxford Arabic Essential

Languages as complex as Arabic are covered within our linguistic information, different types of alphabets can be included. We currently cover over 50 languages.

Diccionario Oxford Pocket

The amount of information included varies according to your budget and purpose of the publication. We partner with companies all over the world to create projects.

Diccionario Oxford Study

Recognized institutions trust us to create applications using, in some cases, our linguistic data. We have been collecting, analyzing and processing it for more than 20 years.

Prisma Mobile Dictionary

At-hand accessibility, customized design and attributes are part of the application's design. State-of-the-art technology services; lemmatisers, full text search, spellcheckers, hyphenators, etc. can be used in your app.