Do you want to boost your education plan? Our language data and technologies will help you with that. They make a great complement to lessons and can be offered as a home e-learning extension. We have a wide database of languages and years of experience.

Dictionaries, Grammar and Phrase Books

The advantage of our publications is that everything is clearly arranged in one place. The basics have been done for more than 30 languages and the dictionary entries grow every day. more

Speech Recognition

Transcription of recorded voice into written form; an effective tool for searching databases. more

Audio Data Licencing

A data bank of our audio recordings, for use in teaching or for developing custom applications. more

Pronunciation Training

Software focused on practising pronunciation. It graphically compares a spoken voice with a record in a database created in collaboration with native speakers. more

Online Dictionaries

High-quality dictionaries in many language combinations; suitable for learning and teaching; pronunciation, phrase books and grammar overviews. more

Speech Synthesis

Using a grant aimed at improving language learning we have created an extensive database of audio recordings to be used for speech synthesis (Text-to-Speech); It can be especially useful for automated listening to written text or for teaching the blind. more

  • Introducing modern elements into teaching
  • High quality and constantly updated data
  • Effective cross-culture communication