These days, machine translation is not only used by end users for quick “window to window” translation. Quality solutions are used by companies and institutions that can conveniently incorporate machine translation engines into their web applications, information systems or DMS. Thanks to new cutting-edge methods, machine translation tools are able to provide translations of previously unthinkable quality. They are even able to replace human translators in some areas .

Why do you need machine translation?

Why do you need Machine Translation?

  • For fast translations, a reliable solution to have your documents translated quickly
  • For situation where there are large volumes that need to be translated in a short period of time
  • For lowering costs of translations, if there is a specific budget allocated

How does Machine Translation work?

  • Machine translation is an automated translation from language A into language B done by a computer without any human contribution, using specific translation software.

What are the benefits of using Machine Translation?

  • Real time translation (e.g. emails, chats or any urgent communication), offers you a quick, comprehensive understanding
  • Ability to translate into many languages
  • Saves precious time that can be used for other tasks

When can you use Machine Translation?

  • When having a large quantity of text
  • When a big quantity of repetitive content is present (e.g. manuals, technical catalogues)
  • When in need of fast translations in various languages
  • When translating web content or web pages

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