These days, machine translation is not only used by end users for quick “window to window” translation. Quality solutions are used by companies and institutions that can conveniently incorporate machine translation engines into their web applications, information systems or DMS. Thanks to new cutting-edge methods, machine translation tools are able to provide translations of previously unthinkable quality. They are even able to replace human translators in some areas.

Supported Languages:

Arabic Chinese Croatian Czech
Danish Dutch English Finnish
French Greek German Hungarian
Italian Japanese Latvian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian
Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish
Turkish Ukrainian


  1. Significant reduction in translation costs
  2. Instant availability of relevant information in foreign languages
  3. Improved communication between workers in different countries
  4. Automated translation of website content into other languages
  5. Increased efficiency and partial automation of technical support
  6. Multilingual search for relevant information
  • High translation quality based on artificial intelligence and neural networks
  • MT engines are directly adaptable to specific field and style of translated texts
  • MT engines can be deployed on site (at the customer’s place) for increased data safety
  • It can be integrated directly into web applications, information systems and DMS
  • It preserves the original format of translated documents
  • MT engines, quality dictionaries and linguistic tools for many languages supplied by a single company for higher efficiency