Phrase Books Licensing

At LINGEA we have our own series of phrase books available as printed books and also e-books. We offer the license of phrase books in 60 languages for the purposes of printed or online publications. Both can be customised or prepared in any company design or colors


Our services are not limited to licensing the data to you. On your request we can prepare turnkey phrase books with delivery to your front door, meaning localizing the phrasebooks for you, taking charge of graphical interface design and print.


If desired, the content can be customized to a high level, for example by leaving out the grammar part or preparing a tri-lingual edition. 

Languages available   

We are able to prepare phrase books in combination of any of the language listed below and prepare user-friendly phonetic transcription of the target language. 

Afrikaans   Croatian Georgian Latvian Russian
Albanian Czech German Lithuanian Serbian
Amharic Danish Greek Macedonian Slovak
Arabic Dutch Hebrew Malaysian Slovenian
Armenian Egyptian Arabic Hindi Mexican Spanish  Spanish
Azerbaijani English Hungarian Mongolian Swahili
Basque Estonian Icelandic Nepali Swedish
Brazilian PT Farsi Indonesian Norwegian Thai
Bulgarian Filipino Italian Polish Tibetan
Chechen Finnish Japanese Portuguese Turkish
Chinese French Kazakh Quechua Ukrainian
Catalan Galician Korean Romanian Vietnamese

Electronic versions are available for following platforms: