Our pronunciation dictionaries can be applied especially in speech technologies:
  • In ASR they help in training language models
  • In TTS they serve for perfect conversion of written text into IPA phonetic transcription or into other formal notations.
  • They form an inseparable part of the pronunciation trainer used in teaching foreign languages.

Over the last 10 years we have created extensive databases for more than 50 languages including Chinese, Japanese or Thai. We are able to add correct stresses to words in Italian, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Slovene, and other languages. For Czech and Slovak, we can provide correct pronunciation of i/y following letters d, t, n. We also have relevant solutions for irregular languages such as Dutch, Norwegian or Swedish. We efficiently combine our language tools to be able to derive correct pronunciation of any word forms or compound words in languages like German, Dutch or Hungarian.

In Spanish and Portuguese, we are able to distinguish different pronunciations of South American dialects.