We have developed our own unique series of phrase books available as printed books, e-books and also as a mobile application. We offer licensing of our phrase books for 60 languages to be used as printed or online publications. This product line has already been published in 8 countries.

Our services are not limited to licensing the data to you. At your request, we can also prepare customized phrase books with delivery to your door, including comprehensive localization of the phrase books according to your need, taking care of the graphical interface design and print.

Languages Available
We are able to prepare phrase books for combinations of any of the languages listed below and also prepare user-friendly phonetic transcription of the target language.

Afrikaans Croatian Georgian Latvian Russian
Albanian Czech German Lithuanian Serbian
Amharic Danish Greek Macedonian Slovak
Arabic Dutch Hebrew Malaysian Slovenian
Armenian Egyptian Arabic Hindi Mexican SP Spanish
Azerbaijani English Hungarian Mongolian Swahili
Basque Estonian Icelandic Nepali Swedish
Brazilian PT Farsi Indonesian Norwegian Thai
Bulgarian Filipino Italian Polish Tibetan
Chechen Finnish Japanese Portuguese Turkish
Chinese French Kazakh Quechua Ukrainian
Catalan Galician Korean Romanian Vietnamese

Standard Edition

Our standard phrase books are your best help when going abroad and trying to speak the language. Our phrase books will help in various situations from travelling conversation to arguments about a price on a marketplace. Everybody will appreciate structured typesetting and a very modern design.

  • Format 95x140mm
  • 320-352 pages
  • 4 colours
  • 85 chapters, 2600 phrases and 1600 words of vocabulary in the main part of the book
  • Over 70 full colour pictures
  • 12-16 pages of brief grammatical overview of the target language
  • 12-24 pages of practical information about countries where the language is spoken
  • Useful notes and information regarding the target country – food, transportation, accommodation, etc.
  • Bilingual dictionary – 2x 3000 entries
  • Complete phonetic transcription, either in IPA or full transcription in the target language, depending on the transcription preferred

Economy Edition

LINGEA Phrase Books Economy Edition (EE) is aimed at budget-conscious users who still demand quality products. The price reduction is achieved by reducing the volume of content, leaving out the grammar and practical information part and cutting down the volume of the phrases listed, excluding the less frequently used ones. EE Phrase books are two-coloured for cutting down the printing costs.

  • Format 95x140mm
  • 192 pages
  • 2 colours
  • 70 chapters, 1200 phrases and 800 words of vocabulary in the main part of the book
  • Bilingual dictionary – 2x 2500 entries
  • Complete phonetic transcription

Multilingual Edition

A special edition can also be prepared for some particular regions of the world. At the customer’s request, we are for example able to prepare a unique title for Spain (including Basque and Galician), South America (including Quechua) or Africa (with Afrikaans, Amharic, Hausa and Swahili languages).