Go to https://prekladac.lingea.cz to try the newest versions of our machine translation engines. Especially the English to Czech,  Czech to English, English to Spanish and French to Spanish translation engines provide very high quality results.

překladač Lingea - ukázka překladu z angličtiny do češtiny

These days, machine translation is not only used by end users for quick “window to window” translation (or gisting). Quality solutions are used by companies and institutions that can conveniently incorporate machine translation engines into their web applications, information systems or DMS. They can bring:

✓ significant cost reduction when translating documents
✓ instant availability of important information in foreign languages
✓ improved communication between staff located in different countries
✓ automatic translation of websites into other languages
✓ increased efficiency and partial automation of technical support
✓ multilingual search for relevant information