Our data development is running at full speed and we also keep expanding our range of online dictionaries. Our latest additions include large and up-to-date dictionaries for 3 major world languages: Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese. In total these languages are spoken by over 1.5 billion people worldwide and those who have visited any of these countries know very well that in many cases only English will not do. If you want to work there or do business with local companies, good knowledge of the language is virtually a must.

Our latest dictionary of Japanese now offers a 25 per cent larger extent and a lot easier search. In the Chinese dictionary, probably everyone will appreciate a user-friendly option of entering not only Chinese characters but also phonetic transcriptions of words using pinyin. You can do that either using the tone number or even without it. The large dictionary of Vietnamese can be a great help for many users not only in the region of Southeast Asia. All of our dictionaries are two-way and each of them features a total of over 70.000 entries and phrases.