10 solutions for headaches when developing applications

During the process of developing an application many questions arise, some of them can be painful and can literally give you a headache trying to figure out the answer. Because of that, here are 10 reasons why developing with Lingea is painless, reliable and professional.

1. We have our own format, everything is recoded and password-protected, no danger of your data being "plundered".
We create and deliver originality, the programming code is written by us from scratch. The information processed and contained within your application is encoded so there is no opportunity for anyone to steal your data.

2. A single binary file can be used on multiple platforms.
The information to be included in your application comes in a single binary file and it can be used in multiple platforms. To protect the data a digital signature is encoded within the files. There are no complications when exporting the data to other types of platforms reducing the costs drastically.

3.  Skins (graphical appearance) can be customized to suit your needs; there can even be multiple different skins for the user to choose from.
The feel and look of your design for your application, including the user's interaction depend entirely on you. We will follow your specifications accordingly and deliver an aesthetic approach to your choices, if required even providing multiple options for the users to customize their own version based on skins.

4.  Interlinking your own data, using relations (synonyms, prefixes, collocations, topics...), full text search, photos, audios, videos...
Not just the feel and look can be customized but also your existing data, migrating information and content into your new application. By using relations, full text search, photos, audio, videos, external links, etc. You design it and provide the data, we create it and take care of the hardwork. 

5. Applications can be used not only for dictionaries but also for thesauri, grammar overviews, photo galleries, any type of exercises, clickable maps, video windows etc., all can be included in one application.
We possess data that can be used to create grammar textbooks in many languages including the most important to many combinations, photo galeries, any types of exercises to learn different parts of the language, clickable maps with translations, video windows, spell checkers, etc. Top institutions and companies use our data everyday.

6.  Vast variability of functionality, e.g. it is possible to create a single view of all entries in one scrollable window, various content-related tabs can be included etc.
The display of your data, the location of the buttons, the links, lists, and the amount of information shown in every page, can be stored in different ways, helping the user to identify and process blocks of information logically and naturally. 

7.  A sophisticated search for various platforms, morphological search for 30 languages, both Cyrillic and Roman alphabet can be used to search Greek, Chinese can be searched via pinyin, Hebrew can be searched using phonetic transcription.
Our engine provides comprehensive results in any platform. Different types for languages containing specific types of alphabets can be used to obtain results on Cyrillic or Roman, these results can be based on a morphological approach in languages such as Greek, Chinese or Hebrew using different tools or using phonetic transcriptions.

8. We own all the necessary tools, without having to use Java, Flash, third party audio format players or open-source libraries, every tool is native, safe, well-tested, without licensing issues, moreover, the application size is small taking up just a few MB, it can be installed in a matter of seconds.
The ownership of the data and its components in any platform are free of restrictions and solely created for the application, there is no usage of third party entities, the overall security of the information and of the users it is never compromised and safe. We deliver well tested applications free of bugs or with the correspondent updates that follow the same procedures.

9. We have over 20 years of experience and over 100 specific projects where we developed applications of different kinds and for different uses. Making constant innovations according to the requirements of major publishers, providing support for specific languages (Chinese Windows, Korean Mac etc.).
We are the hard working professionals behind the success of many important companies. We could proudly say that almost every one having used a text processor, a translation website, or a dictionary has used our resources. We adapt to the future, as fast as it moves.

10. We offer favourable pricing, plans and partnerships.
Our goal is to reach everyone that want to change the world of languages, publishing or information in general. We develop ideas, your ideas and in many cases we look for partners to help us realize projects. Jump into our world, dive-in you might find the genius inside you and get inspired.