Tygeris - Translation Tool

Machine translation systems as we know them today are not able to produce high-quality translations unaided. Although they are capable of providing translations of sentences, compound sentences or even whole files, their output must be edited by a human to correct errors and improve the translation quality. 

Interface features

We work on the assumption that the correction of any machine translation output, even if unsatisfactory, is always much faster than translating from scratch. 

To make the translator's work faster and easier, we offer a whole range of functions and interface features:

1. Clean layout

- Segments of the source and target texts are arranged side by side, with matching parts highlighted.

- Synchronized source and target texts provide a perfect overview of the context.

2. Translation options and their verification

- We offer a whole range of machine translation options if no suitable translation from translation memory is available.

- An integrated window of monolingual and bilingual concordances automatically searches the translation memory and displays other occurrences of the same word that is currently under the mouse pointer in context, both in the current document and in other documents. The given context is also shown in the second language, thus allowing the easy verification of the translation.

3. Voice editing option

- Voice editing is a good option for translations with a need for considerable word order changes. It's currently being tested for the Czech language.

4. Lingea integrated tools and data

- The dictionary automatically searches for and displays the word currently under the mouse pointer.

- The high-quality spellchecker automatically highlights all unknown words, which can be subsequently added to the user’s dictionary.

Software solution:

The tool is made up of the network of servers implementing its individual functions, communicating with each other as needed.

The heart of the system is the server administering all current documents, providing a user interface for web editing, and making it possible to import source text and export translations. This server is facilitated by other servers providing translations, recognizing speech for the purposes of dictation, storing data over a long period, and performing full-text indexing and searching. Other systems manage the project, extract text from the source format and export translations to the target format.

This tool is currently under development. You can contact us for more information.