Multilingual Search

This tool automatically translates information in database, picture captions, product titles, or key words, into preselected languages. It expands a given query to other languages, depending on application or method used. This solution is very efficient, fast and available for several languages, but not suitable for translations of whole sentences or when comprehensibility of the text for common readers matters.

Linguistic part

This solution is made up of four components:


Large bilingual dictionaries containing up to 100, 000 entries are available for English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian, smaller dictionaries for 20 more languages. Terminological dictionaries (economical, technical, medical) with up to 50, 000 entries are also available, although only for selected language combinations.

Syntactic analysis determines the subject, predicate, object and adverbial in the sentence, analyses compound verb tenses and specifies dependence between individual sentence parts. Thank to this, all cases and other grammatical categories can be better determined e.g. in target Czech and even when translating from languages not using the cases, e.g. from English.

This all is handled by a general tool, capable of processing all available data from source language, i.e. principal forms of the words, grammatical categories, parts of speech or valences, and using all this information to generate as accurate translation as possible. Unfortunately, this tool is unable to process different word meanings, which results in a somewhat limited use.

Software solution

This tool is very easy to use due to the fact that it doesn't process large corpora and language or translation models. Data ranging from 20 to 30MB are fully sufficient for translations between two languages. Since there is no need to use high-performance processors and SSDs, this tool can be easily integrated e.g. into any cellphone application.