Lemmatiser is an integral part of any full text search function. If using full text search in languages where inflections apply, it’s vital that the lemmatiser solution is a part of the search system, otherwise the search results might not contain desirable results, since the words were only found in the original form.

The biggest quality of LINGEA lemmatiser lies with the speed in which it gives results. Our component is capable of evaluating 28 000 words per second – meaning it takes it 0.000036 seconds to process one word.


• Lemma (the basic form) is found to the given word
• All word forms of the given word are generated
• Grammatical category is provided to each word
• Other related words are found such as derived words, phrasal words, compounds, prefixes etc.
• Search can be limited to certain word forms
• Vocabulary of synonyms may be incorporated within the database, thus providing wider and accurate search results



Reference customers:

The Lemmatiser solution is incorporated within software from Convera, Fulcrum, LINGEA’s own renowned electronic dictionaries and dictionary publications for publishers like Oxford University Press and a variety of private company systems.