Hyphenator is a tool that makes word division easy. Either automatic or manual word division is necessary especially in the publishing sector where incredible amount of texts would have to be manually processed before typesetting but will become an invaluable asset anywhere where vast amounts of text are created.

The tool is not compiled of a big database of words but of a set of linguistic paradigms. Therefore normally a word "analysis" would be hyphenated probably as "anal-ysis". That leads to mispronunciation of the fist part of the world and also you would have "anal-" hanging at the end of the line. Our hyphenator fixes these problems.

And what is most important - without proper hyphenation the software you use will never emit good quality documents for publishing news, reports, blog posts, etc.


• Hyphenation can be either automatic or manual choice
• Where applicable, multiple hyphenation options are provided for the user

The Hyphenator is compatible with the following platforms:


Reference customers:

LINGEA hyphenator is being used as a part of editorial systems in multiple newspapers in the Czech Republic.

Many users are using our hyphenation solution every day and are not aware of it, since our solution is a part of the popular Microsoft Office.