Language Technologies

Translational Technologies  

Voice Technologies

Supporting full text search, proofreading and revision of documents, hyphenator or language recognition for 20 languages. Suitable for search engines, e-shops, text editors, information, redaction and library systems.

Automatic translations for multilingual search and support for translators. Technologies based on language description and large corpus combine both linguistic and statistical approach depending on the application.

Tools suitable for voice communication with computer, mobile device, search in audio and video documents or for increasing quality of languages education. Available for English, German, Czech and Spanish.

Any platform, any programming language, any search engine

Thanks to our high quality data and skilled programming team, we’re able to deliver impressive variability of results. It doesn’t matter if you need the result work on Linux, OSx or whether you need it in C++ or Java or if your goal is to run it on PC or mobile platforms. We know it all.


It doesn’t really matter what code base you’re using, or what platform you need us to work on. We can handle them all. 

Code base: Web services, C++, Java, Microsoft .NET

Platforms:  Windows, Mac OS, Linux, but also mobile: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Code base compatibility:



            Supported Platforms:


Supported Search engines: