Dictionary licensing

LINGEA dictionaries vary from small, low-cost, pocket size dictionaries to middle dictionaries that are sufficient for demanding users, including entries from a variety of fields – economics, law, science and engineering, colloquial and slang words. The vocabulary meets our philosophy that the entries should be “alive” and therefore is the database constantly filled with new entries based on ongoing research.

All sizes and types of dictionaries can be licensed and delivered to you either in electronic form, as an application for electronic platforms, in PDF, prepared for print or as a finished, printed product. 

LINGEA is capable of preparing electronic versions of dictionaries for following platforms: 

  • Online
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry


Languages available:

Afrikaans Czech Greek Lithuanian Russian
Albanian Danish Hebrew Macedonian Serbian
Arabic (various) Dutch Hindu Malaysian Slovak
Armenian English Hungarian Mongolian Slovenian
Belarusian Estonian Icelandic Norwegian Spanish
Bulgarian Filipino Indonesian Polish Swahili
Catalan  Finnish Italian               Portuguese Swedish
Chechen French            Japanese Portuguese Brazilian Thai    
Chinese Georgian Korean Quechua Turkish
Croatian German Latvian Romanian Ukrainian