Language data licensing 

LINGEA has been developing language data for over 20 years. We can provide you with language data of different volumes for 60 languages for the purpose of publishing phrase books, dictionaries, grammar books or any publication of your choice.

We offer: 


We collaborate with professional linguists and our data can be adapted to be used in books/e-books, offline mobile or desktop applications, online education portals, etc. As we place emphasis on complex solutions, our services could bring you significant cost and time savings.

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Afrikaans   Croatian Georgian Latvian Russian
Albanian Czech German Lithuanian Serbian
Amharic Danish Greek Macedonian Slovak
Arabic Dutch Hebrew Malaysian Slovenian
Armenian Egyptian Arabic Hindi Mexican Spanish  Spanish
Azerbaijani English Hungarian Mongolian Swahili
Basque Estonian Icelandic Nepali Swedish
Brazilian PT Farsi Indonesian Norwegian Thai
Bulgarian Filipino Italian Polish Tibetan
Chechen Finnish Japanese Portuguese Turkish
Chinese French Kazakh Quechua Ukrainian
Catalan Galician Korean Romanian Vietnamese