Typesetting Services

Being book publishers ourselves, we have developed a typesetting technology, which is fast and efficient and enables for last minute changes to the data. We have already printed hundreds of various book titles and therefore we had to make our typesetting software more efficient to allow our colleagues to focus on the important part of their job- development.

We offer our typesetting services including: 

  • creating PDF or other formats quickly and with low costs. Our system allows us to change all typesetting features simultaneously without having to adjust every page individually. 
  • know-how of right-sided typesetting, which is necessary when publishing in for example Arabic or Hebrew. You can see for yourself in the references menu.
  • ability to arrange printing services as we have long-term relationships with printers all around Europe. You can find more about this in our DTP SECTION.


Contact us if you want to increase efficiency of your business by making typesetting just a formality!